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Estill, SC Native Publishes First Children's Book

Updated: Sep 23, 2018

Rosa Roberts-Johnson aka ‘Coco’ publishes her first children’s book called “The Princess and the Penguins.” The book follows the adventures of a black princess named Leah, who gets lost in the land of Guzza, where she discovers a colony of talking Penguins. As Leah tries to find her way home to Tizzleville and her parents, the King & Queen, she makes other new friends who teach her how to live in the land of Guzza until she can find her way back home to her family.

This fun and inspirational story was created as a way to give African-American girls a princess with whom they can identify. Coco, the book’s author said,  “I came up with Princess Leah because I wanted all African American girls to know that they could be a princess, too. Almost every princess you see or read about is white. I needed them to know that they are special and to be comfortable in their own skin.”

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